– Teams arrival.
– Registration & Equipment check (in the afternoon)
– Teams arrival.
– Registration & Equipment check (moring)
– Technical meeting (afternoon)
– Briefing and welcoming party (afternoom)
– Raidaran 2018 start
– First teams arrive at the finish line
– Race finish (morning)
– Price giving and dinner
– Teams depart


Raidaran is an adventure race in which are combined several disciplines. Mountain biking, trekking, kayaking, via ferrata, speleology, canyoning and orienteering will be the principals and the teams will have to demonstrate their skills in all of them..

The orienteering can be considered the main discipline of the race, since in all sections teams will advance with the help of a single map and compass.

In the race you will use topographic updated maps, in scale 1: 30,000, 1: 25,000, and some specific orienteering maps.

The trekking sections (as well ad the mtb sections) will be the most challenging parts of the race. Teams will climb above 2000. You will also find some echnical sections.
Racers met several sections of mountain biking in all types of terrain . High mountain legs, very demanding, but the views will compensate the effort. You will be riding above 2000m.
Kayaks will be provieded by organization. Quite wáter kayaking. Short legs.
Throughout the race there will be some via ferrata. Difficluty: k3 to k5.
It will be a very aquatic canyoning, technical and funny.. Here you will have to test your skills for rappel, jumping and swimming. During the section you will find professionals from and Adventure Company in charge of the security of all the teams.
Teams will find some caves during the race. Easy caves


RAIDARAN is a career of self-sufficiency. The teams must follow the instructions on the dimensions and weights allowed for the bags and boxes during the race. Brokers must use the personal bags provided by the organization. Each team must bring their own bike box (1 per runner), kayak bag (1 per team) and person bag (1 per runner).

  • Size: TBC
  • Maximum allowed weight: 25 kilograms
  • Quantiti: 1 bag per racer

The race organizers will provide each team with 1 BAG for racer to be used for their personal items including food, drink, clothing, and other gear. The organization will provide one sticker per bag with the team’s race number to identify the bags.

  • Maximum allowed size: 140 x 80 x 30 centimeters
  • Maximum allowed weight: 25 kilograms
  • Provided by: Each team/li>
  • Quantity: 4/li>

Each team must provide their own bike boxes made out of a resistant material like corrugated plastic (not cardboard). The race organization will provide each team with 4 stickers per box with their race number to identify the boxes.

provided by the organization.
Each team will deliver two bags of ravines that will be delivered to the organization.
These bags will be found before the section of ravines and in the place will not be anything.
You will only find the two bundles of ravines.
It is highly recommended to use a canyoning harness for this section.
The organization will carry a bag-suitcase per runner that you will find it on arrival.


The list of mandatory and recommended material can be consulted in the following link.